Enjoying C4D!


My name is Pedro Silva and I’m a Cinema 4D user. I love 3D art and animation. I want to learn more about Cinema 4D and 3D workflows so I can create whatever I want without limits.

I already learn a lot thanks to all the great work of talented and passionate people that are constantly sharing what they know about Cinema 4D, like Nick Campbell (Greyscalegorilla), Mike Winkelmann (Beeple), Joren Kandel (‎The Pixel Lab), EJ Hassenfratz (eyedesyn), Joel Dubin (JoelOtron) and Andrew Kramer (Video Copilot) because I love Adobe After Effects and he is the best on it.

I create Cinema 4D Mood to share tutorials, free 3D models, shaders and whatever I find useful to create 3D art or animation.

Here is some of my work in Cinema 4D. I hope you like it!

Los Madera
Los Madera are the closest things to a cartoon show I’ve ever made. Thanks to Cinema 4D, I bring these characters to life! I enjoy it very much!

3D Topographies 1 Another Kind of World Are You Afraid Of The Dark Bacteria_The Intruder 1 Blood 1_0005 Cabaña de madera 1 Capitán Ducky Cemí Clouds Coming Soon Dry Bones Egg and Bacon 1 Elephants 2_0005 Empty Building Flame and Skull Fly Over Clouds Pyramid UFO 1 Fly Over Clouds Pyramid UFO 2 Glass City La Nave en el Desierto Liquid Levitation Lochness Monster 1 Microlife 1 Microscopic Environment 2 Party0091 Smog City Snowman Space 1 Tree House Xmas Ornaments 2 Artic Life


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